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Holiday Season Special 2013

Book before Dec. 20th for a great portrait of your family....


A photography session at Couvrette Studio is a great gift for your friends, family and yes, even yourself. Take advantage of our holiday offer.

Option A

Digital Package

Your portrait session will included a 45 min photography session by our staff with hi res digital files of your session. (approx 10 digital files output to a DVD)



Studio Location Shoot

Mon to Fri | 9am to 5pm $225.00

Weekday Evenings | 5pm-7pm $240.00

Saturday | 9am to 5pm $270.00

On Location Shoot (within 10K of Couvrette Studio)

Mon to Fri | 9am-5pm $250.00

Weekday Evenings |5pm to 7pm $275.00

Saturday | 9am to 5pm $295.00

Option B

Print Package

Your portrait session will included a 45 min photography session at the studio.
This shoot fee covers unlimited shots of one grouping during that session. Your first 5 by 7 is included. Prints are available at our regular rates.

Weekday hours @ $95
Evenings @ $165
Saturday shoot @$195

Gift Certificates for this special are available.

If you choose to have your session in our Centretown studio location, your session will be photographed on our 30ft white cyc wall. When choosing your clothing for your session, please avoid strong patterns or logos on the clothing if possible and keep the colors all in the same family...(ie; all warm tones or all cool tones)

Avoid ----A haircut on the day of the shoot. ----Trying out a new makeup artist or hairstyle.- ----Glasses that darken in sunlight

Bring.......powder, combs, any props that you would like to include, dog treats, bribes for the children and favorite toys.

Should you have animals in the portrait, you are welcome to bring them in 15 minutes prior to the session so that they are able to familiarize themselves with the studio. We do our best to include animals in the session, but may, at our discretion shoot only the family if the animals are not cooperating.

Our regular business hours are from Monday-Friday 9am-5pm with our first appointment at 10am and our last appointment of the day at 3:30pm. All visits to the studio are by appointment only. To confirm your booking a credit card deposit is required and is non refundable after confirmation.


This offer is Not valid for any Commercial, Wedding, Engagement,Glamour,Portfolio,Maternity or Boudoir Photography.

Couvrette Studio is the largest studio in the city and can accommodate groups of 45.

Cancellations of your shoot without 48hrs notice void this offer and shoot fees are non refundable.

There is no limit to the number of poses during the session and an extra hour is billed at only $100 During this special, prints are available at 50% off our regular rate if ordered within 7 days after DVD is picked up.


Purchase of this offer expires December 20, 2013 and session must be photographed by March 31st 2014.

All orders are to be phoned into the studio and paid with a Visa or Master card to confirm booking.

Couvrette Studios | 613-238-5104 | 430 Gladstone Ave.