Cheap Ottawa Wedding Photographer

Sooooooooooooooo…you typed in CHEAP OTTAWA WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER  and you landed here…You probably think I`m going to lecture you on how that is a bad idea, but no I`ll  let someone else do that.

What I want you to know is that there is no shame in typing that in. Sure, you run the risk of hiring someone who provides a poor service, skips town or behaves badly on your special day but that is not the point of this post. Gosh…I have looked for something with those keywords a fair number of times from CHEAP VACATION PACKAGES to CHEAP HOTEL DEALS, but one thing I never did was buy CHEAP TIRES for my car because I value my families quite a lot.

OK…so let`s see how I can help with a few money saving tips….

First, hiring a photographer is generally based on how many hours they spend on your wedding. A wise bride will hire a great photographer for 4 hours instead of a rookie for 8…paying the same or less and getting great shots of the key elements.

Second, making your own album is simple these days, whether an online one or a bound book. Make sure you get hi res edited files.

Third, consider ending the coverage at the start of the meal. You will save a couple of meal charges and frankly, the bulk of what we see chosen for albums these days when it comes right down to it are the events that happen during the day.

Fourth, don`t spend time running around to five locations for group shots. Pick a cool one and spend your time getting great shots, not paying for transit and setup time.

Fifth, consider a package by a staff photographer instead of the studio owner. All of the top studios have trusted staff photographers whose packages are generally a bit lower in price.


Best of Luck…and don`t be shy about the word…CHEAP. We all want a deal these days!

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