Better Business Bureau of Ottawa

Its no fun to get all serious about such a happy topic as wedding photography.

This summer, however, we received a high number of emails asking our advice on the topic of Ottawa wedding photography. Sadly, many with tales of woe.

We have seen roughly 800 Ottawa and area photographers come and go in our 30 years in business. Currently there are roughly 200 Ottawa Wedding Photographer websites the majority of which are different from what we saw 5 years ago…and 5 years from now there will be a different 200.

When we started, you needed a business licence and you could not operate from your basement.
The population of the city supported about 20 excellent portrait and wedding specialists. Today,
all you need is a laptop, a dozen cool shots on a website and you`re in business…for a while.

Are some of the new crop good enough to last…yes. We recommend a mix of new and established studios when we are fully booked on a date.

Are we concerned about competition…no…frankly we love it…thats what keeps us on
our toes.

We are concerned however about the number of couples who contact us to
located their missing photographer, fix their digital files or make them an album
when their photographer does not provide this service.

After this much time in the industry, we have concerns about the reputation of our profession.

Soooo…we strongly suggest that couples use that old standby, THE OTTAWA BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU to check out photographers reputations. We did, and were shocked to
find how many rated low. Check it out for yourself.

You WILL find one AAA we’re proud to say.

PS…Yes, we will offer the service of correcting your wedding files and making you an album, but sorry – we can no longer help you track down your photographer or offer legal advice. We are
too busy serving our own customers. Frankly, we have been so busy this summer I have not posted as many shots as I would like…I`ll correct that soon.

Ok…enough said…back to smiling faces….


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