Digital…DIY or NOT

Recently I have had some emails asking about customers printing their own digital files and making their own albums.
Is the customer always right…well, yes and no.

First off, let me explain that a raw digital file is just that…raw. When we shot on negatives we would never think of letting a customer take those negs to a lab and make prints…why…well because any print the customer could make would be half the quality we could get given our relationship to our color lab and our quality control.
So, here we are with the digital generation and they believe they can do it all themselves. The answer is yes, some can. But do they really do so….the answer is generally no.

More and more these days I am contacted by brides who tell me that “package” they thought
was a deal with all the digital files is their biggest regret…since the new hubby has not got around
to making up an album, and even prints for the parents two years later.

Lets face it, we all start out with the best of intentions, but reality creeps in fast.

I recently attended a seminar by a local photographer who said “I don`t really want the
hassle of dealing with the bride and groom after the wedding”. I made a point of asking
about customer service and he scoffed…saying it was an “outdated” concept.
Well, I have seen over 800 photographers come and go in this city since I started my career…
I can`t wait for the tide to change and take these photogs with it…

Now when it comes to the technical side of this issue, let me explain a little about DIY packages. When we prep files for our prints our experts spend a half hour per file just to
make certain that the color, sharpness and retouching is perfect. How can a photographer
promise 500 color corrected files at some of the prices we see on the net…

I leave that to your imagination….

Do we offer DIY (do it yourself) packages…the answer is yes. Am I happier as an artist making
your prints….YES. As they used to say in Rome…Caveat Emptor.

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