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This “leaving the house”shot was one of my favorites from a Lebanese wedding. We also photographed her sisters wedding a couple of years before this one and it was nice the see
the whole gang again. I posted this shot because it really is true photojournalism. It really happened this way and we did not stop them three times to pose it. I see a lot of photographers calling themselves photojournalists but when I go to their sites I see images that will be the cliches of the future.
Much of what I see as “photojournalism” is just a series of badly lit shots passing for “art”.

What do I see..

=Photoshop filters thrown on to rescue technically bad portraits in which the brides dress is a white explosion and the bridesmaids skin tone is something from a horror flick.
= Images that someone tries to pass for art but don`t even have even basic technical qualities
like proper color or lighting of the subtle colors of the dresses.
=The ones that will really be dated fast are those wide angle shots from below that people think are cool now, but are just the cliches of this era. Why someone would want to make themselves look twisted up on their wedding day..who knows. Then again, I never did the double expose the music sheet on the brides

We are both portraitists and photojournalists and have been doing so all along….To see some recent editorial and photojournalism…go here. For a few examples of our photojournalistic wedding images go here. Great images never go out of style! We have been shooting candids
throughout the studio’s history…I am just glad that now people are actually putting them into
their albums.

Are there good wedding photojournalists in town…yes, a handful. For most, its just the latest label to try to make a sale.

OK…Rant Off.

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