Photoshop Artistry

We just hung a large new BW in our Gladstone St window and people are really responding to it…I can tell, when cars slow down and folks stare.
I thought it was the perfect time to talk about the issue of digital files. We book a few weddings
per year in which people tell us they are making their own albums. Sooo…in the interest of science I have posted these two files and allowed you to grab them and try your luck at changing
the color file to the bw. If you can create the kind of look we did..hey, good for you. Now multiply
that time by a few hundred images and perhaps you’ll see that it might be a good idea to let a professional make your wedding album.

I read recently in Popular Photography that over half the people who thought they had the skills and time to create their own albums hadn`t done so…over two years after their wedding!

We had a bride show up just last week who must have spent 50 K on her wedding three years ago…yup…the photographer (who will go unnamed) didn`t offer an album service and her hubby promised to make the albums..

I can`t imagine how many times he regretted that idea.

BTW, email me the results if you really nail that Photoshop test…we always have openings and lots of work…

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