Secret, surprise fall wedding/ Ottawa Wedding Photographer Paul Couvrette

A fall party in a tent to celebrate an engagement….what could happen??? How about one of the best surprise weddings we have ever seen!!! Yes, we were there to record it all. It went off perfectly. Even the bridesmaids did not know(dresses bought to fit each one!!!) It even surprised the dog in the wedding party!

Check the reactions of the guests…one of the nicest groups of people we have photographed in years. The food trucks showing up was the icing on the cake. Bravo!!!!!!!!!!!!

Catching the excitement of this event is what we do and it is no easy task. Almost anyone can line up a bunch of groups and get that traditional shot of a dress hanging on a door. This candid photojournalism requires a different skillset.  Though the wedding was small, this bride was wise enough to realize that two photographers would be necessary to ensure all the action and reaction was captured to tell the story. You really only do get one chance to do it right.



Photography by Ottawa Wedding Photographer Paul Couvrette (copyright 2015) Assisted by Lorien and Tim.

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