Service with a Smile

Your call is important to us!.….Press 8 while standing on one leg and and holding your breath so we can transfer your call to our operator in Bangladesh.

In todays world that’s pretty well the norm, but not at Couvrette Studio. We’ve employed a full time office manager and support staff since the start of our studio in the seventies. Booking a part time photographer that works from home may look like a bargain, but in the end you may find otherwise. A wedding is generally comprised of 3 to 10 hours of photography and 25 hours of coordination, planning and post production. Our office manager and support staff work 9 to 5 weekdays and your call will always be answered right away, or within the hour if we are on the line serving another customer.
Yes, we are not open til midnight on Tuesdays …that’s because we operate a full time studio not a hobby business out of our homes in the evenings.

Sometimes we all get caught up looking at price so much that we forget to compare service. It is a huge part of coodinating and creating a fantastic wedding album or a beautiful wall portrait and delivering it flawlessly and on time. I`ll confess that I buy our paper towels at Costco..but when it comes to something really important like our cameras…we go pro all the way.

There are only 5 studios in Ottawa who have flourished for over 25 years….now you know one of the reasons why…


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