Legal Photography in Ottawa

I spent the morning shooting a very complex set of images for a legal firm, a project that has been ongoing for a few years.  I can`t tell you about it, but I can talk about an anecdote I told the lawyers while we were on a break.

Some years back, I was called to the stand as a witness during a trial in which I had done some photographic recreation of an accident.  The young lawyer for the defence immediately tried to challenge my credentials, which is often a good gambit. He asked…and how Mr Couvrette do you feel qualified as an expert witness in this case. My response….” I own the longest standing studio in Ottawa and have photographed over 1000 lawyers to date. As well, I have carried out official photographer duties for the Tax Court, the Federal Court and the Supreme Court of Canada for over 25 years and have testified in over 20 cases….” He tried to cut me off…but I added that “I am a Master Photographer and Judge of the Professional Photographers of Canada and the Professional Photographers of America….”

Finally…he managed to sputter…No further questions…

One of the oldest sayings in the law business is, “Never ask a question you don`t know the answer to…”

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