Medieval Theme Wedding at the Chateau Laurier Ottawa.

I promised to post some shots of this wedding a couple of weeks ago…so here goes. The Chateau Laurier was the perfect backdrop for this amazing late winter wedding. The bride, a noted singer from Calgary, had organized an event that was spectacular from the costumes to the decor. We
were honored that she chose us to record the whole thing. Truly a special evening.

Update…I recieved this email from the bride about five minutes ago…I think you might call it a testimonial…

Dear Paul,

WOW, WOW and WOW again… OMG… which ones to choose for our picture gallery???? Some if not most of them left us breathless.

I am so very glad you were there… you made us relive the entire fairytale as you captured our emotions on every one of them… THANK YOU, for immortalizing such a great day for us to pass on for generations to come.

Lucie and Don

Then a bit later, Daniel Richer, Ottawa`s Town Crier who is the gallant gentleman acting as
Master of Ceremonies wrote….

Squire Couvrette
As always you have the masters touch….
Hope to be in front of your lens soon… Daniel


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