Ottawa Business Portraits.


We shoot a lot of images for people who use them for publicity in the marketplace. The average salesperson will use an image for roughly five years. During that time they will publish it on business cards, postcards, magazines, signs, flyers ,buscards, billboards, websites, annual reports, Linked In and Facebook.

Total net run cost…I am estimating an average of 30K a year for planning, placement, design, printing, hosting etc in such industries as real estate, tech, law and the financial sector. That amounts to 150K dollars per self employed salesperson and perhaps one third that for those whose images are included in large corporate firms.

So riddle me this…Let`s take the real estate industry for example. Why would one try to save a hundred dollars on a shoot in someone`s basement studio when the commission on one average house sale for example is around 3K.  A friend who is heavily involved in a sales biz explained to me that 5% of the people in small business make 95% of the big dollars.  I could not believe that cliche was right…but the more I see the thinking of most small self employed business people, the more I think he is correct. Thank goodness I spend most of my time with that 5 %….but I wonder sometimes why the 95% simply don`t get it. Perhaps business schools need a course in the value of investing in good imagery, or perhaps simply a course in visual literacy.

Hat`s off to all my business portrait clients…and thank you for choosing Couvrette Studio.

Oh..and btw…nice site Nancy.


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