Ottawa Redblacks Cheereaders Calendar

ottawa-redblacks-01ottawa redblacks cheerleaderottawa-redblacks-02


Creating a calendar for the Ottawa Redblacks was an interesting challenge.  I created the first ever calendar for the Ottawa Roughriders over 25 years ago and was asked to work on the first Redblacks calendar given not only my photographic skills but also my understanding of how far to go with this theme in today`s society. Cheerleading is a hot-button topic and what most people do not understand is that these cheer teams are composed of both men and women athletes.  They not only look good…they are people who contribute a lot of time to training for the routines and a lot more in community relations.  Are they sexy looking…yes. The key however is that they are also glamorous, healthy accomplished men and women and that is how I tried to portray them. To date, on social media we have seen two complaints…out of 25,000 fans….I guess we succeeded!

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