Family Day in Ottawa.


So here we are…that holiday called Family Day. It got me thinking about what it costs to raise a family…

Lets start with an average middle class family home in Ottawa at $300K. We should add the feeding, care and clothing of two-point-five kids for 20 years @25K. Let`s top it up with a few years in college and a half dozen trips to Disney. Add some cell phone bills and a gadget or two and you`ll approach a million dollars really quickly….

I am reminded of that joke… “I went to (___________) and all I got was a lousy T-Shirt.”

It is rare for most families to have a family portrait these days. Those that do have a DVD in a drawer somewhere that will be unreadable in twenty years and of course that notion to make prints with it has long been forgotten.

Progress…..hmmmmmn…sometimes I wonder.

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