Just what DO we charge…

Most people that call or email start by asking us about prices. My guess is that the general public don`t really know where to begin when starting the search for a photographer to cover their wedding, portrait or special event. They could talk about style, mood, talent but they ask about prices because its such a rare purchase that they really don`t know where to start.

We do post some sample packages online on the Wedding Site under Pricing, but even those are just guidelines. Frankly, we customize most of the packages to each clients needs and this can only be done once you sit down with us and look over the countless sizes, finishes, album and frames we can offer.

Portraits are even trickier to price….First off, did you prefer studio shots or on location. Second, can you make it during business hours M-F weekdays or do we need to book it for sunrise at your cottage on Big Rideau Lake. No,its certainly not a big box store approach here…everthing is custom. That said, our least expensive way to get the family together is a weekday studio session in the studio for $95 and a file for your Facebook page for $45…..grand total for a fantastic memory $140.
Sure, people can buy prints, frames, albums and a whole raft of great souvenirs.
An 8 by 10 for example runs $75….
Want us on a Sunday AM at your cottage…now you are looking at $395. Want a 16 by 20 on canvas…that will run $795.
Whether you are booking the simplest headshot in the studio or a shot at your villa…we still put 100% into getting a great image.

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