Ottawa Bar Mitzvah

A celebration of a milestone and a great party happen because of lots of work planning the event and choosing the right vendors from the venue to the caterer, the décor and the party animators and music. Always nice to record the final efforts from a visual standpoint and to capture both the scene and the key events without fail….

The tired sales cliché when you are talking about the importance of capturing events is that “photos are all you are left with once an event is over”…  It`s true.


Feel free to ask us for advice…we have been in the business for over 40 years and have seen it all.


Oh…and enjoy the party!



Ottawa-Bar Mitzvah-Photography-4Ottawa-Bar Mitzvah-Photography-9Ottawa-Bar Mitzvah-Photography-7Ottawa-Bar Mitzvah-Photography-8Ottawa-Bar Mitzvah-Photography-5Ottawa-Bar Mitzvah-Photography-10Ottawa-Bar Mitzvah-Photography-3Ottawa-Bar Mitzvah-Photography-11Ottawa-Bar Mitzvah-Photography-12Ottawa-Bar Mitzvah-Photography-3Ottawa-Bar Mitzvah-Photography-15Ottawa-Bar Mitzvah-Photography-17Ottawa-Bar Mitzvah-Photography-21Ottawa-Bar Mitzvah-Photography-26Ottawa-Bar Mitzvah-Photography-23Ottawa-Bar Mitzvah-Photography-25Ottawa-Bar Mitzvah-Photography-19Ottawa-Bar Mitzvah-Photography-16Ottawa-Bar Mitzvah-Photography-18Ottawa-Bar Mitzvah-Photography-20Ottawa-Bar Mitzvah-Photography-22Ottawa-Bar Mitzvah-Photography-14Ottawa-Bar Mitzvah-Photography-27Ottawa-Bar Mitzvah-Photography-29Ottawa-Bar Mitzvah-Photography-30Ottawa-Bar Mitzvah-Photography-13Ottawa-Bar Mitzvah-Photography-32Ottawa-Bar Mitzvah-Photography-33Ottawa-Bar Mitzvah-Photography-28Ottawa-Bar Mitzvah-Photography-31Ottawa-Bar Mitzvah-Photography-1Ottawa-Bar Mitzvah-Photography-2Ottawa-Bar Mitzvah-Photography-34

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