Ottawa Executive Portraits


Photographing business executives is one of the mainstays of our studio. We operate the largest studio in the city with a 4000 sq ft Centretown Ottawa location.

This shot was done for one of our commercial clients as PR for an upcoming TV show. Commanding the attention of execs who have a high premium on their
time is all part of the process and our favorite specialty. We shoot on location with a fully portable studio as well as at our Gladstone Street studio.

Why anyone would want to send their boss on a mission to the suburbs wasting gas and the execs time and having them do a shoot in a makeshift “studio” is beyond my comprehension, but as
they say….let the buyer beware.

A great portrait is worth hundreds of times its price.  Over the life of a Real Estate agent, Consultant, Author or a Lawyers portrait they would have invested tens of thousands of
dollars in printing, online and distribution fees for that one image and have generated hundreds of thousand of dollars based in part of the public`s perception of that image.

In todays world of social media and online imaging it is simply bad business to have a less than fantastic portrait.

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