Ottawa Wedding Makeup

Looking over the post below, it occurs to me that I should mention some dependable and talented
Ottawa wedding makeup artists. We have worked with quite a few and while style is very individual (ask for a test run) professionalism and timing are what impresses us.
First, I would stay away from most hair/makeup salons unless they can guarantee that you are the only wedding there that morning. Hair salons tend to overbook and we have seen more lateness from salons than from individual artists that go to your location. No matter how great your hair and makeup look for that critical 12hrs, your photographs will be around for many thousand times those hours…and all the makeup in the world won`t hide a look of stress….The most dependable salon if you do go that route in town...Rinaldos.
As far as individual services, Weddings by Tracy and Ottawa Makeup Artists are really professional. We also like the work we have seen from Seema Haider..but have not shot with her yet.

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