Ottawa Wedding Palace Show, Ottawa Bridal Fair

A number of emails and calls have asked us why we are not at the Ottawa Bridal Fair, The Ottawa Wedding Show or the Ottawa Wedding Palace Show. The answer is simple…We want to save YOU money!

Let me do the math for you. These shows primarily attract the new studios, looking to build new business and hey, that’s not a bad idea. However, the cost of booths at these shows has risen and adding to these costs are samples, brochures (most of which get tossed after the show) and overtime for our staff. We calculated that if we took the cost of these shows and divided it into the bookings we received we were paying $400 per wedding!!! Frankly we would rather pass those savings on to our customers. Our 2009 price list reflects these savings and if you print out this post and bring it in when you book us…we will take another $100 off any booking you make…Coupon must be presented at time of booking.

The Fine Print..this offer can only be applied to new bookings March to December. 2009.

Soooo…if you wonder why a studio with our awards, history and style has packages that are competitive with even some of the beginners…now you know.

Btw…The Bridal Fairs are worth going to folks…its just that I`d rather save you money and take my kids skating that weekend…its called win win!!!!!

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