Ottawa Wedding Photography – Year End Favourites

Ottawa Wedding Photographer
Sooo….I dug back and started thinking about some of my faves over the last couple of
years. This is a page from the digital album of an Italian wedding at Sala San Marco.
Yes…the food was amazing.
Upper Canada village is such a great location…
Sala San Marco… all decked out.
Ottawa Wedding Photographer
Ok… we went a little wild here… infrared and filters.
Ottawa Wedding Photographer
One of our photojournalism snaps by my assistant….and yes, the rain did clear.
Ottawa Wedding Photographer
Just kicking back at the Museum of Civilization… some guys know how to have fun.
Ottawa Wedding Photographer
These are two noted musicians… I won’t drop names… and yes, these
are their stage outfits. The shot was done in our studio on Gladstone Street.
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