Something old…something new.


We must get ten emails a week from India asking us to send our files off for editing.

Right from the early days of processing our own b/w we have always done our own work in-house. We were, in fact, pioneers in the digital photography world, being advisors to some of the original photo editing programs and eventually National Spokesperson for the Digital Industry. I have no idea why anyone
would want to be involved in this business if they don`t consider that editing is part of their workflow and didn`t keep up with the latest technology.

We experimented with a slightly different style this time and Tim, who shot this wedding used a set of Lightroom tools from Sleeklense

We have played with various presets and actions over the years, but frankly we preferred the control of doing the work ourselves.

Not any more…

Within Lightroom these tools allow you to work faster and give you a great starting point while allowing you to modify the actions on the fly.
A perfect marriage of technology and time saving.

If you are looking to do this style of work, look no further. If you are looking for someone to shoot it…give us a call.

Here are the tools…

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