Ottawa Outdoor Location Studio Business Executive Portraits 2020

The corona virus had caused us to pivot and while we are no longer shooting at the studio, we are now offering sessions on location outdoors
or at your office. Even though we operated out of a 4600 sq ft building, we now believe that it would be unsafe to work in such an environment given how little is 100% certain about air and contact transmission. As the largest studio in the city, we have consulted with experts in the legal and the insurance business and feel the risks are too great. We are taking extreme precautions…from distancing to wearing masks and sanitizing our onsite equipment. It is a lot more work, but we are committed to keeping our staff and our clients safe.

We are on reduced hours for the foreseeable future and while we do respond to calls within 24 hours, the best way to contact us is via email on our main site which is monitored daily.    ( )

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(613) 238-5104

Studio Portrait on Location

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