Minister Catherine McKenna by Ottawa Portrait Photographer Paul Couvrette.

Catherine Mckenna portraitCatherine Mckenna portraitCatherine Mckenna portrait

We may have set a new World Record Time with this shoot…

From the start of the shoot to the finish, the timer on my camera recorded five minutes and 32 seconds.
It is not the ideal situation, but we made it happen with preparation, planning, previsualization of the
final product, pre-thinking type placement and all the politics involved in creating images for publication.

This is a time when partisan politics will niggle at any and all expenses, messages, appearances and decisions to the detriment of common sense. In a time of worldwide crisis we make fools of ourselves by arguing over who ordered a $16 orange juice or paid a photographer to record a multi million dollar event about climate change. No wonder faith in the media is dropping like a rock as they pander to the public`s insatiable need to make stars and then slam their every move. #FakeNews….Clickbait…FalseOutrage……precisely what the world needs less of in our time.

Politics is one ugly business and I give full marks to anyone who steps foot in it…………..(rant over)

My goal for the shoot was to portray earth elements but keep it subtle. Earth, Wind, Water, Fire.

Minister McKenna has the portfolio of managing Canada`s resources in a time of great concern for the planet. In a challenging time, it is a challenging role and to boot, she is raising a young family.

Catherine happens to be my MP for Centretown and yes…I happen to be a supporter.

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