Centretown Ottawa Indoor Studio.

We see a lot of photographers advertise their companies as XYZ “Studio”.

There are actually only a half dozen “studios” in Ottawa and ours has been quite busy this summer as the Ottawa Monsoon Season was wacky to say the least. We prefer to shoot outdoors and we do have a lot of ideas on alternate locations indoors in case of bad weather. Its really nice however, to have a large centrally located studio in case the weatherman does not cooperate with your plans for a portrait in the park or some wedding groups.

We actually do rent it to other photographers but not on Saturdays as we like to keep it for our clients. There is btw, no extra fee for our clients to shoot in the studio. Even better, we have full time office staff and are competitive with a lot of folks who work from their home.

How do we do it….come on by and I`ll tell you the secrets.


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