Commercial Photographer Ottawa.

Researching and hiring a commercial photographer is not a simple task. While one would think that the internet has made it easier…in fact, the opposite is true.
With the advent of digital cameras, even an advanced amateur can go out and blast away at an event, eventually coming up with a few good shots from their paparazzi assault and voila…instant photography website from the 20 best shots and a new photographer is born. If only it was that easy…
What separates a pro from the herd is the ability to nail that key shot EVERY time, to make that exec feel relaxed in front of the lense and frankly…to see that angle and that light that few others really SEE.
We have been at this for longer than I care to tell you and you know what…we have seen hundreds come and go.

Our studio is the one they call when they need a Time Magazine cover shot on the presses within the hour, when a company needs images that kick butt on the website, or when a photographer has to travel to the Arctic circle for a photo op that lasts three minutes and simply has to be done right.

Secrets to our success…well, great customer service, 30+ years experience, a large Centretown studio..oh and some great staff.

Don`t just take my word for it though…

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