How much should you spend on a photograph…

We quote on jobs all day long…some we get..others we don`t. Thats life.

Ottawa is a very competitive market and hey…competition is what makes life fun.

How much should a great executive portrait that will sell your personality cost?
What should you pay for that product shot that drags customers to your door?
Whats the right fee for a portfolio to sell your services as a model or actor?

The answer is…as much as you can budget.

I look at it this way….how much do large successful companies pay for their ad shots. They pay top dollar.
Why…because they know a couple of things about running a successful business. First, if you pay peanuts you get…well you know_____________. Second, a great image IS worth a thousand words. Third, given the cost of running an ad, creating a web site or
publishing posters and flyers…the cost of the image is really…well….tiny. Is it wise to save a hundred dollars on an image that you will use in ten thousand dollars worth of ads in the next year or two…
If you are trying to sell a service, a product or your own talents…don`t go cheap. Sometimes a bargain is simply a bad investment that doesn`t make the photographer or you a profit.
If I take for example the real estate industry, it seems that the top 10 in the city all have great
shots and invested in those shots even when they started out…How do I know this…because most of them are still my clients.

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