Photoshop…What you need to know.




Digital photography is something we have been doing for 15 years. We went from a full on darkroom to a bank of computers, pioneering some of the techniques ourselves. Understanding the technology and the process is not an easy task. Some clients now have an urge to make their own albums, prints and upload files to Facebook. What most do not realize is that straight out of the camera…. no matter how good the photographer captures an image…there is always room for improvement, or what we call post processing. This shot is an extreme example for effect, but most photographs can be improved with Photoshop. If the photographers talents are not up to par…then massive quantities of time are necessary. Perhaps this is something to consider on the front end when making your comparisons.

Buying a set of images that are on a memory stick the day after the wedding is generally not a bargain at all…

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