Post Production

With the advent of digital photography, clients often ask why there are fees associated with post production. What most people do not realize is that digital cameras, no matter how professional, have inherent weaknesses in sharpness, dynamic range (the ability to capture highlights and shadows in the same scene) and even the correct rendering of color.
The scene above was shot correctly! The screen is exposed properly, but to get the people to an exposure that the eye
captures ( the human eye has an amazing range) one of our trained techs needs to go onto a hi end computer with a color calibrated monitor and do some Photoshop magic.

We employ some of the best Photoshop artists in the city, but occasionally clients want a price to have us let them do the post work… We always say, there is a price for everything in this world and gladly pass this work off to clients.
I am betting most would have a hard time matching what we do..but lets have a little fun. Download the file on the left and go nuts. If you can match or better the one on the right, e it to me and I will post them side by side.

Then I will run a poll and see who gets more votes…Win… and I will donate $500 to the charity of your choice…go ahead, make my day.

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