Web site concept and Executive Photography.

Now what do these funky family shots have to do with commercial photography. For the answer, go to Winning Charities and check out their site, especially the staff head shots.This group came to our studio in Ottawa from Brockville just to do the shoot. We came up with the concept and I think it really works in todays business environment where showing more than a corporate look

can separate you from the crowd. Nice working with you guys and gals.

BTW….this just came in from the client….unsolicited.

Hello Paul

I wanted to let you know that our website is slowing working its way to completion. We have a few pages online, at www.winningcharities.com

Thanks again for the great day at your studios. We had a great time, and the website (and soon to be marketing materials) are going to look great because of it.

Hope we can work together again. We highly recommend you!

Abby MacIntosh-Hooper

Vice President, Marketing | Winning Charities

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