Headshots & Commercial Portraits

•Each session will generally take 15- 30 minutes from the setup to presentation on our 40 inch monitor. Selecting your images inhouse is your best option, but we can create a custom web gallery for an additional fee. Quotes are based on the file size/usage and prints you require. Backgrounds are preselected via our online background gallery. There is an additional fee for extra time to change your background, or should you need to change your look or attire for a second pose during your session. Please ask us to quote on this. Headshot fees include the planning, session fee and a post processed image that is color and exposure correct for reproduction. Additional images/poses are available for a fee. We include minor retouching for stray hair, dust and minor blemishes. Extensive retouching is available on an individual basis and is quoted appropriately.

Family & Group Portraits

•Generally these sessions take 30 minutes per grouping. The majority of our family portrait clients have us make their enlargements, but we can custom quote your needs for digital files prior to your shoot. Backgrounds are preselected via our online background gallery prior to your session. There is an additional fee for extra time to change your background, new configurations on the same or a different background or if you change your look or attire for a second pose during your session. For scheduling purposes, should you have multiple groupings we need to know at the time of the booking how many groupings will be required. Groups with small children should be done at the start of a multi group series as they tend to result in better expressions. Animals should be brought in fifteen minutes before a shoot so they can take their time acclimatizing to the space. Snacks for kids and animals are a wise idea. Clothing is totally your choice but we welcome any ideas whether they are images from our website or images you may have seen elsewhere that appeal to your family.

•Our responsibility involves lighting, exposure, and technically correct final products. Hair, makeup, clothing and expression are your responsibility. We show all clients their sessions on a 40 inch monitor to ensure that you are happy with the shoot before you leave the studio. It is a good idea to bring translucent powder, brushes and any makeup you want to use as we have an area you are welcome to take advantage of prior to the session. Do not schedule your shoot on the day of a new haircut or a day you are experimenting with a new makeup artist. In general, clothing without strong patterns works better for portraits.

•Final images undergo what is termed post processing. We adjust skin tone, exposure and take out minor stray hair, dust, and minor flare in glasses. Major retouching such as switching heads, removing lines, reducing weight, straightening ties and the countless other variations we are asked to do are entirely possible for a fee. Please discuss this with our staff at the time of ordering so that we are clear on your expectations.

File Size Definitions
•For more information on why file sizing is important, see our blog post with resizing examples here.

•Social Media Size: (5/[email protected]) This size is correct for LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and most website usages.

•Hi Resolution: ( 5/7 @300DPI) This size is correct when you require a file to be used for publications up to and including 8 by 10 inches.

•Poster Size: ( 12/18 @300DPI) This size is correct for usage in posters, outdoor displays, billboards, car wraps and a range of usages when sizing larger than 8 by 10 is anticipated.

•Preparing a file for the web is far from straightforward and each medium is different. Since business headshots tend to appear roughly under two inches in size on most pages, correct resizing is critical. Sites such as Facebook require substantial rethinking of file sizes, shadow detail and colors. Linked In and corporate sites are relatively standard, although taking a file meant for repro in a magazine and resizing it massively can result in a loss of sharpness and shadow detail if not done by a professional.

•We do this work on request as there is no “normal” specification for a digital file. We suggest ordering a few standard sizes…Large Hi Res for posters, Hi res for printed material and low res for web usage. Ask us for a quote when you set up a shoot. Once an order is complete there is a fee of $100 to go into our archives, pull up files and deal with your reorder. We will gladly offer our advice prior to your order at no charge.

Delivery Times

•Standard delivery time for digital images is 3 business days. Print delivery times vary.

•Ask us to quote on rush charges should you require final products with rush service.
•All products are F.O.B.