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This is a demonstration of standard web editing software methods of resizing high resolution images versus having a professional photographer do the work . Preparing a file for the web is far from straightforward and each medium is different. Since business headshots tend to appear roughly under two inches in size on most pages, correct resizing is critical. Sites such as Facebook require substantial rethinking of file sizes, shadow detail and colors. Linked In and corporate sites are relatively standard, although taking a file meant for repro in a magazine and resizing it massively can result in a loss of sharpness and shadow detail if not done by a professional.

We do this work on request as there is no “normal” specification for a digital file. We suggest ordering a few standard sizes…Large Hi Res for posters, Hi res for printed material and low res for web usage.  Ask us for a quote when you set up a shoot. Once an order is complete there is a fee of $100 to go into our archives, pull up files and deal with your reorder. We will gladly offer our advice prior to your order at no charge.

Conversion of color to bw is another area where a single push of a button in Photoshop is not the same as doing a conversion by an expert. Please have us quote on your specific requirements…we love having our work and your images look great!


Another aspect of how we supply our files is our tags. We attach an info/credit tag on all images for a number of reasons. First, it helps our clients ID the source of the file in the future. Staff change, companies change…but we have outlasted roughly 500 photographers in Ottawa in the last 40 years. Image tagging has been our standard policy for over a decade and this aids our staff to make reorders of prints, modifications required or resupply of lost images. Second, it protects our clients from unwanted usage of their images. If a file with our tag on it is stolen or misused, clients have a legal recourse. In today`s digital world, sadly, this is an epidemic as you can see from the example below. At least once a week we are contacted about usage of one of our images…we always protect our clients rights first.
Cropping the tag off is a simple procedure that takes all of two seconds in any good editing program by any web or publications staff, but it is the clients choice. Please advise us and we can prepare your files without a tag as we prefer to leave the onus and the responsabilty on the client. Theft of our images doubles every year…but we abide by your decision….CaptureHHHHHHHHHHHH


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