Ottawa Architectural Photography

Ottawa architectural photos

Ottawa architectural photos


Shooting architecture requires specialized equipment and a different skillset than most other genres of photography. Quoting is never easy because of the range of what people consider the ideal shot of a building. Simply put, the more time spent on a shot, the more talent applied to the task…the better it is. Sometimes that involves early morning or evening…sometimes a fancy lense or a computer technique.
I can tell you that one out of four shoots we do in the commercial field are reshoots after someone else got it wrong…

Btw, this of the few remaining industrial buildings in Ottawa. It was formerly Capital Wire and Cloth. It now houses a range of companies including hi tech wiz kids, Fuel Industries. Capital Wire and Cloth bought this property in 1902 from the Ottawa Land Association Company, a consortium of local entrepreneurs who bought and subdivided a large tract of land in Hintonburg in 1895. When it first opened about 1922, the factory stood virtually alone in a pine forest…

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