Ottawa Photojournalist

I wear a lot of hats…

My first assignment in photography was tagging along with noted photojournalist Peter Bregg, formerly of Macleans and now Hello Magazine. To date I have worked for roughly 40 major mags including Time, Newsweek, Forbes and Playboy. I have produced over 250 magazine cover shots from Time Canada and Macleans to our own Ottawa Life and Homes and Land.

Recently I was honored to be asked to join Canadian Press, Canada`s premier agency that supplies the creme de la creme of photojournalists across Canada.

Time to buy another hat….

OH…btw…we also shoot weddings in a photojournalistic style. Check it out.
Seems it’s trendy these days to say you`re a “wedding photojournalist”.

Wonder who the other guys shoot for… might want to ask. Frankly, the
only photojournalist I know who shoots weddings is Bill Grimshaw, whose
edgy stuff if kinda cool. Just because you got the best man to put on sunglasses
for his portrait doesn`t make you a photojournalist.


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