Ottawa Jewellery Photography /Small Product Photography


We shoot a lot of product photography, but small products like jewellery,tech and cosmetics are some of the best challenges. It is always gratifying to help small business clients compete in this marketplace we call the web. Photographing the products is generally a small part of the overall work. Generally it takes about half the time of the shoot to properly plan the look and how it fits not only technically but aesthetically within the various media the client is not only currently using but may use in the future.

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The Power of Images.


Images work…strong images work harder.

I shot this for an artist to help promote his work in Nuit Blanche Ottawa. There were roughly a hundred artists who submitted their images to local media to get PR for both the event and their own particular exhibit. The three largest media all included this image out of the hundreds to choose from…I work with companies large and tiny to help them show off their wares. It still amazes me that most people do not realize the power of a strong image in a world swamped with weak images.
I can only imagine that is part of what separates successful people from failures…

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Ottawa River Scenic and Stock Photography.


Ottawa is an incredible city…
Sometimes we forget this until we are shaken out of our routine by a simple boat ride. I rode along with my daughter on her last tour as the guide/narrator on Paul`s Boat Lines (no relation) My family have worked the Ottawa for over 300 years from being Couriers De Bois, Loggers, Lumbermen and now guides.I now add, of course…Photographers. The most famous was our cousin Joe Montferrand whose mother was, in fact, a Couvrette. Unsung was my great grandfather who was the foreman at the Booth Lumber yards for two decades.
For my part, I contribute to a number of Ottawa River based charities and of course take great joy in exploring the work of my friend John Ceprano whose art adorns the shore and my clients who run white water rafting ventures.
We are so lucky to have the river and I look forward to the continuing efforts to clean it up for future generations.

Meredith Brown - September 11, 2014 - 12:53 PM

Paul, thanks for putting your talents to work for the Ottawa River! I couldn’t agree more with your last statement : “We are so lucky to have the river”.

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Nuit Blanche Ottawa 2014/Christopher Griffin promo photography.


I shot these for Ottawa artist Chris Griffin to promote his work in the 2014 Nuit Blanche Festival in Ottawa. Having the widest cyc wall and the longest floor space run of a studio in Ottawa allowed me to create this in one shot. The antique canoe was roughly 15 feet long and yes, we do have a double set of cargo doors that allowed us to bring the canoe into our Gladstone studio. There would have been no way to shoot it on standard 8 foot background paper and comping it together would have been a nightmare.

I believe the canoe to be of 50`s or 60`s vintage and I chose to light it slightly warmer than real life to contrast the blue background I created with light…Virtually no photoshop, other than comping the shots together…What can I say. I am old school that likes to shoot it right the first time.

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Ottawa Event Photography – Ottawa Riverkeeper

Paul’s assistant Lorien here!

Ottawa Riverkeeper is a fantastic organization dedicated to protecting Ottawa’s waterways, and ensuring that they are safe for everyone. Last weekend, they along with Swim Ottawa had their Inaugural 4K Inter-Provincial Swim. The event had swimmers making their way right across the Ottawa River – from Parc des Cedres, in Aylmer, QC, to Lac Deschenes Sailing Club, near Shirley’s Bay, ON. The swim was a full 4 kilometres and took most of the swimmers under two hours to complete. What a fantastic day raising money for a great cause! Enjoy some of our images below, and feel free to take a look at the original post on my own blog, Lorien @ Couvrette.


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Ottawa Chinese Acrobats/ Event Photographer Ottawa/Music and Beyond/Julian Armour


A troupe from China performed during the Music and Beyond festival and I had a great time shooting them for PR…
It was interesting to see the dedication these kids had…a totally different show than Cirque..but quite worth the time. Julian Armour has pulled off another Ottawa success this year…

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