Ladies Who Lunch

Giving back to the Ottawa community has been a part of my company throughout its 40 year history.

This city has hundreds of government and private groups that work to keep Ottawa at the forefront of social development. Personally, I have always believed that grassroots work is much more powerful than government handouts.

Ladies Who Lunch is a Facebook group led by Catherine Landry which counts over 12,000 members. Many of these women are smallbusiness owners and a large number are involved in local community projects.

Catherine suggested promoting my daughter Alana`s grassroots project helping young homeless women called LeadHer and I was tasked with helping the cause. Donations are used for everything from funding activities to buying a few treats for the get togethers.

We came up with the idea of shooting a quick portrait in a “regal” style and so I brought in my “regal” background painted by Lorene Charis, a woman who actually painted the sets for Gone with The Wind. The tricky part was budgeting time as there were hundreds of woman at the event and we had no idea who
would participate during the 30 minute break. In the end, we photographed almost a hundred women….TAKING 2 FRAMES PER PERSON!!!…a good little challenge indeed.

FYI…the fundraiser GoFundMe raised double the amount set and these funds have gone on to support the groups activities in a range of ways.

The GoFundMe page is still open by the way and accepting donations.

Below…are just a handful of my fave shots…….

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0165fOttawa portrait photographers
0123f0105fOttawa portrait photographersOttawa portrait photographers

Ottawa portrait photographers

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Ottawa Museum of History Wedding.

We love the Museum of History…

What a great spot, overlooking our nation`s Parliament Hill. This couple loved it too, since they and their guests came all the way from across the USA just to enjoy our Canadian hospitality.

Ottawa museum wedding photographyf_blog-6Museum of Civilization wedding photographyf_blog-9f_blog-10Ottawa gay wedding photographer
ottawa museum of civilization photographerMuseum of Civilization photographerf_blog-5f_blog-17f_blog-14f_blog-15f_blog-18
f_blog-20Ottawa Wedding photographer

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Infinity Convention Centre Gala Opening.

A few shots from the opening of Infinity…. All I can say is that the food, service and decor were all five star in my opinion and we have covered well over two thousand weddings and events in the city.

Good luck Infinity…you have set the bar higher for Ottawa and we would rank you in the top ten for the city.



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Ladies Who Lunch….an offer you simply cannot refuse!

We support over 100 charities but when my daughter Alana of LeadNow was asked to attend and meet some of Ottawa`s most amazing women I could not resist doing something extra special for the attendees. Of course sharing some of what I believe is the BEST CHEESECAKE IN THE WORLD with my friend the remarkable Vicki Heyman pretty well takes the …er cake. So here you have it…a once in a lifetime opportunity. We will be onsite with our mobile studio creating some stunning portraits of one and all and then…uploading them gratis to all who attend and support this cause.

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Strathmere Wedding

img_9981ottawa wedding photographersimg_9998img_0064img_0152img_0148
ottawa wedding photography8066-1-of-1img_9352img_9226wedding photography ottawaimg_9395img_94202img_9437-2img_9509-2ottawa strathmere wedding

We booked this last minute wedding at Strathmere just ten days before the event! The couple were teachers, moving to Dubai and wanted to tie the knot before a small crowd of family and friends before they left. Tim shot most of the candids…I shot the formals.
Ottawa sure has had its supply of nice summer evenings in 2016….

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Couvrette Photography Staff Photographers.




One of our staff photogs, Tim, shot this early 2016 wedding….we added a few retro effects in Photoshop. FYI, we currently have three photogs on staff and will gladly show you their portfolios at the studio.

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Ottawa Riverkeeper Gala 2016

Sure…we shoot weddings galore, but we also cover hundreds of other events every year. Tim and I shot the Ottawa Riverkeeper Gala on a beautiful evening this spring. You really don`t wanna miss a thing.5257F5299F6029F6056F5348F5366F6097F5408F6129F6400F5454F547371FF-25603F6589F6221F5748F6766F6789F5825F5880F6838F6839F6888F5822FF

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Something old…something new.


We must get ten emails a week from India asking us to send our files off for editing.

Right from the early days of processing our own b/w we have always done our own work in-house. We were, in fact, pioneers in the digital photography world, being advisors to some of the original photo editing programs and eventually National Spokesperson for the Digital Industry. I have no idea why anyone
would want to be involved in this business if they don`t consider that editing is part of their workflow and didn`t keep up with the latest technology.

We experimented with a slightly different style this time and Tim, who shot this wedding used a set of Lightroom tools from Sleeklense

We have played with various presets and actions over the years, but frankly we preferred the control of doing the work ourselves.

Not any more…

Within Lightroom these tools allow you to work faster and give you a great starting point while allowing you to modify the actions on the fly.
A perfect marriage of technology and time saving.

If you are looking to do this style of work, look no further. If you are looking for someone to shoot it…give us a call.

Here are the tools…

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Museum of Nature Winter Wedding.

The Museum of Nature is just down the street from our Centretown studio. Great location, winter and summer…as long as you know how to shoot in low light…

ottawa wedding portraits6F_8x10_300dpi-2ottawa wedding photographyottawa wedding portrait photography7F_8x10_300dpi14F_8x10_300dpi21F_8x10_300dpiottawa wedding candid photography22F_8x10_300dpiottawa wedding candid photography30F_8x10_300dpiF_8x10_300dpiottawa wedding reception photographer

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Bullying and Theft on Social Media.


It could never happen to me goes the old saying…Recently it DID happen to one of my images and the tale says a lot about where we are at as a society.
Like everyone else, I have chuckled at a hairdo photo from the 80`s or a wedding dance video fail. I`m not laughing anymore because I have seen the dark side of the net and it is far from funny.

Recently, a client contacted me about a post on Awkward Family Photos using an image stolen from my website. The portrait was a cute shot of kids dressed in Halloween outfits. At first look, I thought it was innocent , but then the client told me it had been used to mock and bully these children on the net and even at their own school.

I immediately contacted the site and was first put through a series of correspondence to prove the image was mine. (Nothing like a thieves going legal).Next I was told what they did was legal.(Seriously) Finally, they actually offered me cash…a lot of cash. ( Words fail me)

That was when I decided to do some research. Sure enough, that site is just the tip of a huge empire,not some comics cheering up your morning. With almost 3,000,000 fans they are a massive business, based on theft and frankly ….mostly meanness.

The moral of the story…We live with a social network that is fraught with theft, bullying, libel, misinformation and outrage…

In the end, a legal letter, forced them to take the image down within 4 hours of the original call to my studio. Yes, we protect our clients rights and have successfully sued for many thousands of dollars numerous times. I doubt that even 1% of photographers would take a stand or sites like this would not exist.

I`m not laughing at embarrassing photographs anymore…neither should you.


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