Ottawa Portrait Photography by Couvrette…from Pierre to Justin Trudeau and more…

Couvrette Studio is celebrating its 40th year in business creating Portrait, Wedding and Commercial images across North America.
In portraiture, we have photographed every Prime Minister of Canada from Trudeau to Trudeau and every Mayor of Ottawa since we started in 1976.

Our commercial photography has been featured in over 500 magazine covers and features from Time to InStyle , Forbes and Macleans.

Our 4500 sq ft facility on Gladstone Street is the largest studio in the city and the only photographer owned studio in the core.

Justin and Pierre Trudeau Canada Day. Parliament Hill.

Justin and Pierre Trudeau Canada Day. Parliament Hill.

Pierre Trudeau John Turner Jean Chretien Joe Clark Kim Campbell Canadian Prime Ministers.

Pierre Trudeau John Turner Jean Chretien Joe Clark Kim Campbell Canadian Prime Ministers.

Joe Clark Kim Campbell Paul Martin Brian Mulroney Canadian Prime Ministers.

Joe Clark Kim Campbell Paul Martin Brian Mulroney Canadian Prime Ministers.

Justin Trudeau boxathon

Justin Trudeau Boxing at Boxathon

Pierre Trudeau portrait photography

Pierre Trudeau Portrait Ottawa

Justin Trudeau US Embassy photography

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Ottawa Portrait Photography

Ottawa portrait photography is one of our specialties.

These were shot for various magazine and promotional uses last fall in our Centretown Ottawa studio.

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Ready to Propose | How to Know When You’re Ready

You might have been thinking about popping the question (or thinking about hinting to your partner to do it), but how do you know when you are definitely ready to take that next step in your relationship? Here are a few considerations to know when you’re ready.
Best Friend Status
While you can have best friends that are not your significant other, if your significant other is also your best friend then that is a great sign. You want the person that you plan to spend the rest of your life with to be your best friend because that’s who is going to have your back! Whenever something happens in your life, good or bad, if your partner is the first person you want to tell, then that is a good sign. If you are seriously thinking about marriage on your own terms, then you may be ready to tie the knot.
Financing For The Future
You might not have it all together, but if you see yourself starting to think about saving up for your future, you might be ready to take further steps in your relationship and life. You might be setting aside some of each paycheck to save up for your dream home or bringing your lunch to work instead of buying every day in anticipation of buying a perfect engagement ring. Make sure you and your partner are on the same page with the way you want to handle your money in the future. Have serious talks about your finances so that you are prepared if you get married. If you agree on many monetary aspects, then that is a great sign.
Different Priorities
Calming down can be a good indicator of whether you’re ready to get down on one knee. You might be realizing that you now prefer having a night in with your special someone than binge drinking with your friends. This isn’t completely necessary, as long as you both feel the same way. You need to make sure you are on the same page with your lifestyle and your future as well. If you’re dreams are on opposite sides of the world, then putting a ring on a finger is probably not going to make that issue blow away. However, as long as you both feel you are ready to be tied down and have aligned ideas and hopes for your future, then you are on the right track to proposing.

Family Approved
Even if you think it is a bit old fashioned, having a conversation with your partner’s parents/family before popping the question might be a good idea. Being in your in-law’s good graces will take away any tension and give you more confidence in starting your lives together, making entering into marriage a more fun and exciting process!
Having the Talk
Surprising your special someone with a proposal can be an amazing experience. However, it shouldn’t come out of left field. You should have some idea that this is something your partner wants and is ready for. If you’ve been given a few obvious hints or even have had an open conversation about marriage with each other, then you should be good to go.
You Just Know
Sometimes, you just know. It can be hard to pinpoint what it is, but when you are with the right person, you can just feel that it is time. Whether you think it’s a gut feeling or fate, the odds are that you are finally ready to pick up the ring and pop the question. There are so many ways to realize you and your partner are ready, but chances are that if you are reading this, then you are probably already thinking of asking your someone special. Good luck!


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Minister Catherine McKenna by Ottawa Portrait Photographer Paul Couvrette.

Catherine Mckenna portraitCatherine Mckenna portraitCatherine Mckenna portrait

We may have set a new World Record Time with this shoot…

From the start of the shoot to the finish, the timer on my camera recorded five minutes and 32 seconds.
It is not the ideal situation, but we made it happen with preparation, planning, previsualization of the
final product, pre-thinking type placement and all the politics involved in creating images for publication.

This is a time when partisan politics will niggle at any and all expenses, messages, appearances and decisions to the detriment of common sense. In a time of worldwide crisis we make fools of ourselves by arguing over who ordered a $16 orange juice or paid a photographer to record a multi million dollar event about climate change. No wonder faith in the media is dropping like a rock as they pander to the public`s insatiable need to make stars and then slam their every move. #FakeNews….Clickbait…FalseOutrage……precisely what the world needs less of in our time.

Politics is one ugly business and I give full marks to anyone who steps foot in it…………..(rant over)

My goal for the shoot was to portray earth elements but keep it subtle. Earth, Wind, Water, Fire.

Minister McKenna has the portfolio of managing Canada`s resources in a time of great concern for the planet. In a challenging time, it is a challenging role and to boot, she is raising a young family.

Catherine happens to be my MP for Centretown and yes…I happen to be a supporter.

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Ottawa Photographer reviews

We get a mountain of calls and emails from prospective clients in the midst of the difficult job of selecting a photographer.
The internet, instead of making it easy, has actually made it tougher to choose because pretty well anyone can load up a few shots to a site and give the appearance of professionalism and high quality. This is why It’s important to take into account as many factors as possible and make an informed decision that’s right for you. Whether it be someone’s own testimonials, google reviews, the Better Business Bureau or an aggregate review site like Yelp, no path should be ignored when searching for a photographer.

Check out our business page on yelp!

Our Testimonials

Better Business Bureau

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That gang from Shopify…

A rainy fall day didn`t stop us from finding a cool location and having some fun.
The groom and his buddies were new to the job market and landed jobs at one of Ottawa`s stellar
companies. We shot near the NAC, under the Canal bridge at the Chateau and at the Officer`s Mess on Lisgar Street in downtown Ottawa.
The bridal party was at Arc the Hotel which is also a great location…even in the rain.

Ottawa Wedding Photographer blog shopify - 1Ottawa Wedding Photographer blog shopify - 2Ottawa Wedding Photographer blog shopify - 3Ottawa Wedding Photographer blog shopify - 4Ottawa Wedding Photographer blog shopify - 5Ottawa Wedding Photographer blog shopify - 6Ottawa Wedding Photographer blog shopify - 7Ottawa Wedding Photographer blog shopify - 8Ottawa Wedding Photographer blog shopify - 9Ottawa Wedding Photographer blog shopify - 10Ottawa Wedding Photographer blog shopify - 11Ottawa Wedding Photographer blog shopify - 12Ottawa Wedding Photographer blog shopify - 13Ottawa Wedding Photographer blog shopify - 14Ottawa Wedding Photographer blog shopify - 15Ottawa Wedding Photographer blog shopify - 16Ottawa Wedding Photographer blog shopify - 17Ottawa Wedding Photographer blog shopify - 18Ottawa Wedding Photographer blog shopify - 19

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What if this happened to you…



I would have thought that kicking Boom/Corus around in 2016 was fair warning.

Surely, National headlines and a 25K Lawsuit was enough to make the media pay attention…but no.

Here we go again with local station Chez running one of my images of an Ottawa couple and mocking them by using an altered image. I wonder if a “bacon” clothing joke is really appropriate in these times of religious and cultural sensitivity.

Perhaps unkindness is now the norm as we see it all around from the highest political office to the trolls on Facebook…

Not on my watch and not with my clients.

I imagine some people thought I was a bit overboard going after Boom but perhaps now you realize that this is just the tip of the iceberg. You are either part of the problem…or part of the solution. All this would end…if photographers stood up for their rights and defended their clients trust in them. We control our images and guard our clients privacy…it`s a responsibility few take seriously these days.

How would you feel if this was your family?

How about if it was your loved one…and yourself.

Those nice people who own Chez have offered to settle…as long as I don`t talk about this.

This is my response…

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Ladies Who Lunch

Giving back to the Ottawa community has been a part of my company throughout its 40 year history.

This city has hundreds of government and private groups that work to keep Ottawa at the forefront of social development. Personally, I have always believed that grassroots work is much more powerful than government handouts.

Ladies Who Lunch is a Facebook group led by Catherine Landry which counts over 12,000 members. Many of these women are smallbusiness owners and a large number are involved in local community projects.

Catherine suggested promoting my daughter Alana`s grassroots project helping young homeless women called LeadHer and I was tasked with helping the cause. Donations are used for everything from funding activities to buying a few treats for the get togethers.

We came up with the idea of shooting a quick portrait in a “regal” style and so I brought in my “regal” background painted by Lorene Charis, a woman who actually painted the sets for Gone with The Wind. The tricky part was budgeting time as there were hundreds of woman at the event and we had no idea who
would participate during the 30 minute break. In the end, we photographed almost a hundred women….TAKING 2 FRAMES PER PERSON!!!…a good little challenge indeed.

FYI…the fundraiser GoFundMe raised double the amount set and these funds have gone on to support the groups activities in a range of ways.

The GoFundMe page is still open by the way and accepting donations.

Below…are just a handful of my fave shots…….

Ottawa portrait photographyPortrait photography0155f4252f4243f4247f4206fPortraiture in Ottawa4154fOttawa portrait photographers4141f4131f
0165fOttawa portrait photographers
0123f0105fOttawa portrait photographersOttawa portrait photographers

Ottawa portrait photographers

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Ottawa Museum of History Wedding.

We love the Museum of History…

What a great spot, overlooking our nation`s Parliament Hill. This couple loved it too, since they and their guests came all the way from across the USA just to enjoy our Canadian hospitality.

Ottawa museum wedding photographyf_blog-6Museum of Civilization wedding photographyf_blog-9f_blog-10Ottawa gay wedding photographer
ottawa museum of civilization photographerMuseum of Civilization photographerf_blog-5f_blog-17f_blog-14f_blog-15f_blog-18
f_blog-20Ottawa Wedding photographer

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Infinity Convention Centre Gala Opening.

A few shots from the opening of Infinity…. All I can say is that the food, service and decor were all five star in my opinion and we have covered well over two thousand weddings and events in the city.

Good luck Infinity…you have set the bar higher for Ottawa and we would rank you in the top ten for the city.



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